Jive 2018 – February FitSteps Focus Dance!

The fun & exhilarating dance of The Jive will be our focus dance for the month starting Mon 5 Feb.  Since this is potentially the most intense of all eleven dances I will be alternating practice of the Jive steps with Tango & Salsa.

Saturday morning tutorials   If you would like to drill down & walk through each of the Jive steps slowly in a small group setting I will be holding two Saturday morning tutorials at St Paul’s Catholic College in Burgess Hill (3rd & 10th February, 9:30-10:30am).  I will also be able to demonstrate the lower impact/intense alternatives so that you can feel more confident choosing the variation which suits your current skill & fitness level.

Jive on-line video tutorial 2018

I have also prepared an on-line video tutorial of the new steps for this year along with two versions of the Jive 2018 routine (one lower; one higher impact/intensity).  This can be viewed in the members only area of the website.