About Me

High impact aerobics hit the scene in the 1980’s with Jane Fonda ‘go for the burn’ style workouts which I loved & embraced.  Having started my working life as a Chartered Accountant for one of the big five Accountancy firms in London I later joined British Airways to work as a long haul stewardess.  This enabled me to try out many different exercise classes all over the globe & inspired me to complete a YMCA exercise to music training course in 1989 prior to setting up my own exercise classes in West Sussex.

I have continued to add to my knowledge & experience by attending many different training courses & workshops including IDEA conventions in the USA.  I travel to LA every year for courses, workshops, master-classes & to simply enjoy attending a variety of classes run by incredible instructors who inspire me.

I have a handful of instructor colleagues in LA who I look up to & who are my personal benchmarks.   In fact, I attend one class so regularly that the other participants in the class think I live in LA and have simply been “out of town” for a while!

I only run classes that I am passionate about & that I believe in.  I started teaching high impact aerobics in 1990 and later hi-low aerobics & body conditioning classes.  I incorporated Step aerobics from 1992 which is still today one of my most popular classes of the week.  From 2003 I offered personal training & small group training sessions and to my absolute delight FitSteps® was born in 2013 which I then added to my weekly timetable.

Dance is where it all started for me and to be able to combine the Ballroom & Latin dance steps from the BBC show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ within a true fitness structure amidst a wonderful variety of music genres (from the old classics to current hits) was a dream come true.