What They’re Saying

I first went to one of Ann’s classes in Crawley in 1990 before I went skiing. At the time it was an aerobics class. I kept going after we came back. Over the years I added a ‘shape and tone class’ and then ‘step’. Classes moved from Crawley to Burgess Hill. I moved to Worthing and still I kept going. I was very ill over a 4 year period and was physically unable to do any exercise but once I’d had open heart surgery, I returned and I have been going twice a week for the last 10 years.

What you get?

I get carefully crafted sessions. I am shown exercises with options at different levels. I have access to a range of equipment and I select what is appropriate for me. I am monitored as I do the exercise and I am corrected to keep the exercise safe and keep me working in an optimal way. Everyone knows everyone else by name and you cannot stay a stranger in these classes for long. I am encouraged as I exercise.

Why I go?

When I came back after being ill I lost 3 dress sizes in 6 months and these classes keep me at the size I want to be. More importantly, I am able to move freely and my stamina and flexibility are maintained. Although I can detour from where I work in Crawley to go to classes in Burgess Hill during term time, in the holidays attending is a 40 mile round trip. I live close to a large leisure centre with a range of classes and yet I still drive to Burgess Hill – this shows how much I rate these classes – it is about so much more than just exercise!

Anne Logan

I joined Ann on a Wednesday for Shape & Tone just over a year ago. I never last long at classes, I either feel too self-conscious or that the instructor is judging my lack of coordination & poor skills. Straight away I was blown away by how friendly & accommodating Ann was.

She instantly made me feel at ease, as did all the others there in the class. I loved Ann's challenging but supportive approach & found it so refreshing. I genuinely felt that Ann cared that I was there & wanted me to push myself as hard as I could. I now attend the Step & Abs class too & I can honestly say that I look forward to each class & I am totally loving my new toned body! Thank you Ann!

Katie Wilson

About eighteen months ago an advert for Fitsteps caught my eye. Being the wrong side of 50 I’d never, ever been to a fitness class and was concerned that I would feel out of place. However, I plucked up the courage to ‘phone Ann and she was welcoming and encouraging and didn’t bat an eyelid. Since then I’ve been most weeks. I love the classes, feel fitter and like to think that I’ve improved at the dance steps. Although I often miss a beat I’m always made to feel part of the fitness family!

Gill Oliver

Attending all three of Ann's classes a week certainly keeps my fitness levels up.

I started STEP classes about 24 years ago when I lived locally. I then moved 18 miles away, but there are no other teachers in my opinion like Ann,she is so knowledgable and caring of her pupils. She caters for all levels of fitness, so you can do as much or as little as you can.So..... I still travel 36 miles round trip to attend her classes!

SHAPE AND TONE is excellent for toning and posture, Ann makes them all fun and will give alternatives for those that have any difficulties, she really does cater for all.

FITSTEPS is a lovely class with all of the dance steps that we all see and love in Strictly Come Dancing. Ann teaching skills are second to none, she builds up the steps gradually and even provides You Tube videos for those that wish to practice at home!

All classes are very friendly and we all care for each other. I am now 68 years old and always being told I don't look my age, which is a great testament to Ann's dedication.

Patricia Knapp-Tabbernor

Ann's Fit steps class is great fun and everyone is really friendly - the only person you are competing against is yourself!

For me, Fitsteps is great 'brain gym' as well, just trying to remember the steps! The videos Ann has made are brilliant as you can practice at home if you want to.

The upbeat music and dancing always leaves me with a smile on my face!

Diane Surry

I have been attending for about 2 years. Ann is an inspiration, full of energy and someone to aspire to. I wish I’d found her 20 years ago!

Siobhan Dallibar

I started FitSteps about 18 months ago because I wanted to get fitter & I also love dancing. Three things happened:

1. I made many new friends
2. I now know many dance steps which I didn’t before
3. I feel a lot fitter & most of all I enjoy it

Ann Makes the classes not only interesting, but fun!

Sue Wise

I always enjoyed dancing when I was younger but forgot just how much fun it was until I joined Ann’s classes. You get a real buzz and sense of satisfaction from learning the new steps and no one cares whether you get it right, you are just dancing to the music and having fun. Ann puts in so much passion and dedication and her enjoyment of dance shines through. I always look forward to going each week and thoroughly recommend joining.

Julie Hobbs

I swear that Ann has a big torture book and that she is going through it trying every exercise out on us. Joking apart, I have attended all of Ann's classes for over 23 years and I have never been bored or grown tired of them; the classes are well structured and constantly evolving.

As I am hard of hearing, it could sometimes be difficult to follow the classes but Ann has developed her own sign language to give me clues; it is really nice to find someone so thoughtful!

Mu Pearce

I have been attending Ann's classes for many years and have found them beneficial in many ways. Having worked as a physio for over 40 years I have found her classes are always varied & interesting! I have never been stiff even after 3 back to back classes on a Monday evening. They are good fun and sociable but also good for memory (lose concentration then you have to have a drink break!) Excellent classes and good value for money but above all really good for fitness at whatever level so suitable for all ages.

Judy Mckemey

I joined Fitsteps about 18 months ago following a fairly long bout of ill-health & operations - I was at a point where I wanted to do more exercise to increase my fitness and wellbeing but I knew there was no way I could attempt anything like aerobics or the like. I had also lost a lot of my confidence and, if I'm honest, I very nearly chickened out of my first class! I am so very glad I didn't. With Ann's help and encouragement I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and I have built my strength and health up in a way I never imagined I could. I have also made some very good friends in the classes and really look forward to going each week - we work hard but we have a laugh too, the camaraderie is great. I can honestly say that Fitsteps has not just helped my physical self but it has also given me back a lot of confidence too.

Many years ago ( some 40 odd shhh!) I used to do Ballroom & Latin American dancing so I knew I would enjoy that aspect of the classes but even if you've never danced before don't let that put you off - I introduced one of my best friends to Fitsteps last year and she had never danced before (had never even watched Strictly!!) and we both go twice a week now!

Also don't be put off if you think that there might be a certain step or something you can't do - don't worry, Ann will show you an alternative that will just slot in to cover that spot. For example, some of us can't spin or turn too many times without getting dizzy so we just do the "alternate" step while everyone else turns and then we all carry on together. In the same way if you make a mistake don't worry, look around you, someone else (probably me) will be laughing because they too have tripped or missed a step!!

So to finish, do give Fitsteps a go. Come along if you want a fun, friendly, really good, total work-out with a great teacher and lovely ladies too. I am definitely much fitter, healthier and more confident than before.

Rosemary Roberts

I started attending Ann's step classes when they began 24 years ago and absolutely loved it! Ann is the most lovely, supportive and professional instructor I have ever met. It's no wonder she has such a loyal following. Ann's classes have always been easy to follow but challenging enough to get results and never been boring. I always feel motivated by Ann's choreography and her sense of humour means it's fun but I also know how thorough Ann is to ensure the classes are safe and effective. I have tried many fitness classes but keep coming back to Ann. 23 years on and I'm still loving the Step as well as the Abs and Fitsteps classes.

Lindsey Blain

On the recommendation of a friend, I first started going to Ann's Step class just over 20 years ago, I really liked it from the start, I've had a few breaks for various reasons over the years but this is by far my favourite form of exercise.

Just over 2 years ago I started Fit Steps and I'm still trying to get the hang of it, there's so many things to try and get right, but I'm hopeful of mastering a dance without any mistakes one day. Then earlier this year I added shape and tone to my exercise regime, it's fun, but tough.

I've dabbled in various classes over the years, but Ann is so passionate about what she does other instructors could learn a lot since her teaching is exemplary! Ann is welcoming and makes the classes fun with some humour thrown in, sometimes I don't know whether to laugh of keep moving.

Sally Annells

I walked into Ann’s fitness classes twenty five years ago and have never looked back, I do step, core strength, shape and tone and fitsteps, Ann’s classes are highly motivating, fun and full of challenges for all ages and abilities.

Thanks to Ann’s outstanding instruction and extensive knowledge of all aspects of fitness I am fitter, stronger, healthier and happy for my 59 years.

Sharon Gould

Following on from a serious back operation in Nov 2014 which left me walking with the aid of sticks, I honestly felt at a very personal low. To help myself I had already embarked on a weight loss journey but had come to a standstill . I was left with an overwhelming lack of confidence in my own body. A friend suggested I gave Ann's class a go. Years before I had attended for a short time and enjoyed myself. Feeling I had nothing to lose I joined up. Hand on heart I can honestly say it's been a turning point. I have regained confidence in myself and my body has never been in better condition and the results have seen me lose in total 8 stone in weigh - half of that since I re-joined Ann's Step class.

I have now also taken on the Abs class, which I can't say I enjoy, but my doctor and surgeon are over the moon with the results as my core strength has increased substantially. A massive thank you to Ann you really have made massive difference .......

Mandy Hartman