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My classes are structured, progressive & bespoke.  I believe this is what makes them different from most others.  The recent trend has attempted to create a class for the masses by advocating that exercise is for everyone and anyone.  This is a wonderful ideal but unrealistic long term.  The transient masses will always be just that, those that flit from one new trend to the next, gaining little along the way.  It takes motivation and dedication to improve fitness through exercise.  I like to think that my Fitness Family are well informed, well supported and appreciated.  In return they attend week after week, year after year and gain friendship & comradery amongst each other whilst getting to know me & I them.  These elements collectively assists exercise adherence which is the key to any level of improvement.  My Fitness Family are not perfect and are of mixed abilities, ages & fitness levels, but what they all have in common is their commitment for which I feel most grateful & privileged. I hope you feel inspired to join us!

Mission statement: “To provide the ultimate exercise class experience.  I want to share my passion for fitness & dance and provide a fun, supportive & positive environment for adults of all ages & skill levels.

Aims: “For my participants to have fun, learn, feel challenged, be inspired, feel important, be successful & feel part of the fitness family environment that I aim to achieve.  As a result, I hope they will want to attend on a regular basis year after year and enjoy a happier, healthier & fuller life.

Ann Bruce

Inspired by the BBC TV show Strictly Come Dancing and originally created by two of the ex-professional dancers Ian Waite & Natalie Lowe (called FitSteps).  Strictly Dance Workout takes FitSteps to the next level by focusing on just two dance styles per month and alternating between the two to create an interval training workout.  After a warm-up the individual steps are broken down and practised in sections (incorporating different ability options), and toward the end of the class these steps are added together to form two complete routines before a cool-down stretch.   Mastering the final routines provides an amazing sense of achievement amongst the group with the aim of resembling the fab-u-lous Strictly experience!

Video tutorials breaking down all steps and dances are also provided for regular attendees.

Choreographed fitness class containing a variety of step patterns on and around a fixed platform.  A repeating routine is built up during the class to provide a consistent level of intensity throughout.  The step patterns are broken down into manageable sections to master a few steps at a time along with options for different abilities.   In addition to the many options for each step pattern the height adjustable platform can be used to increase or reduce the level of intensity of this cardio workout.

New joiners are advised to start at the beginning of a new routine (January or July) as the routine is gradually built up starting at a more basic level in the first few weeks.

A total body conditioning class designed to improve shape, strength, balance, flexibility, posture and day to day functional movements.  The most effective combination of exercises carefully designed with a holistic whole-body approach.

A different combination of exercises and choice of levels (to suit all abilities) are provided each week to motivate and challenge both mind and body.  In addition to the stand-alone benefits, this class provides a perfect foundation to enhance other fitness/sport activities.

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All classes need to be booked in advance.
Sports Hall Location: St Paul’s Catholic College, Jane Murray Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8GA



I have been attending for about 2 years. Ann is an inspiration, full of energy and someone to aspire to. I wish I’d found her 20 years ago!

Siobhan Dallibar
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