Online Shape & Tone class now available for members

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Shape & Tone online video

Shape & Tone 2016

Since I will be taking some time off from teaching in December (my annual trip to Los Angeles) I have prepared a Shape & Tone class for you to do at home.  This is set to music and with little equipment (assuming you don’t have weights, bands & exercise balls at home).  All you will need is paper cups, paper plates (or rags), a chair & towel/mat.  The video is 55 minutes long & you can either do it in its entirety or just the warm-up & skip to the section you fancy doing each day.

If you have not attended a Shape & Tone class before, this will give you a good insight.  I have packed in more than I would normally do in our weekly 45 minute Wednesday classes but I hope you can take at least some of the exercises from it to keep you going whilst I am away.  Enjoy!