Jive Routine 2017 

On-line video for members only

From Mon 6 Feb we will be starting a new FitSteps® sequence for the month.  Focus will be on the Jive with practice of Samba, American Smooth & Viennese Waltz.  As a special “treat” I have recorded our final 4 minute Jive routine which is now available to view via the “members only” area of the website.

During the class we will be breaking down all of the steps as per normal & then finishing with the full routine (which will contain all of the Jive steps we have practiced to date).  The on-line video contains an introduction, then an “easier”/low intensity version of the 4 minute routine, followed by a “high intensity” version of the same routine.  Since the Jive is one of the most intense dances we do, I hope this will remind you how to modify all of the steps so that you can make them suitable to your skill/fitness level.   This is the first time I have recorded a full routine set to music for you.

I hope you enjoy & get practicing!

See you next week

Lots of love & hugs