Viennese Waltz in November!

Mon 6 November our FitSteps® classes will focus on the beautiful Viennese Waltz (and incorporate the Jive, Quickstep & American Smooth routines that we did earlier in the year).   The final Viennese Waltz routine video is available in the members only area of the website (& Facebook) for you to practise.

From Mon 4 Dec (for the last 3 weeks of the year) I plan to incorporate all 10 FitSteps® dance routines into one class.  After our normal warm-up we will do each dance back to back – finishing with a cool down Rumba & stretch.   I hope you find this an appropriate summary of your achievements as a group for 2017 and for the 4 years of our FitSteps® classes together.

Thank you to Ian Waite & Natalie Lowe for the inspiration & dance steps.