Ballroom & Latin Dance Summer Schedule

Since the warmer weather is set to continue we will focus on the less intense dances over the next 6 weeks:  from 23 July, Waltz & Salsa; and from 6 Aug, Cha cha cha & Tango.

Our FitSteps classes are now following a new format which has proved popular over the past two-week trial.  With only two dances (one Latin; one Ballroom), the steps in each dance can be broken down in sections before performing the final routines at the end of class.  This should make it easier for anyone to join at any point in the year.   Generally, we will be doing one faster and one slower dance to create an interval training effect by alternating between the two.

If you attended the wonderful Masterclass with Natalie Lowe in June, this should also give you the opportunity to enhance the steps with the wonderful techniques you learnt from Natalie herself.